The overseas shipping industry gets awash with acronyms, some not necessary than others. When you start looking into sea freight, you are presented with two options like Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Than Container Load (LCL).

In Full Container Load, you have to pay a flat rate for the full use of a whole 40 feet or a 20 feet container. Whereas in Less Than Container Load, you can share the container with other people. That is the difference between a taxi and a bus.

When you are shipping a small amount of cargo, Less Than Container Load is the cost-effective option. But this is not the case once you reach around 15 cubic metres of cargo. You could be better off hiring a whole container, even when it’s only filling half of it. In terms of cost per cubic meter, Less Than Container is 2-3 times more expensive than a Full Container Load.

The Full Container Load containers are seamlessly delivered from one door to another. The Less Than Container shipment is carefully put together in a warehouse before the shipment (as each one’s separate cargo arrives), then it is unloaded at the destination port. This extra time and labour leads to a higher cost.

It does sound a little complicated, so get a professional shipping company to take care of your move for helping to decide with the Less Than Container or a Full Container Load.

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