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Our team specializes in Industrial packing services, we use quality materials with professional workmanship. The rendered Industrial Packing services can be customized as per the specifications provided by the clients.

With a skilled team of machinery movers, mobile machine operators, fitters and welders who make sure of the fact that the transition of moving is as smooth as it can be, Fusion Relocations functions as a premium Industrial Packaging Service in UAE. Its industrial packaging services encompass of a wide-spectrum of market sectors, from manufacturing and distribution, government and local authorities, and also wholesalers and retailers.

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    Industrial Packing Highlights

    Convenient, Cost-Effective Industrial Packing Solutions

    The Fusion Relocations has the best packaging suppliers and manufactures for bringing flexible services, machinery and packaging materials to meet the needs of the customers being cost-competitive.

    Industrial Crating:

    • Skilled resources for fabrication of industrial crates
    • Innovative solutions for packing needs
    • ISPM certified heat treatments
    • The employees adhere to the safety standards and are equipped with the standard personal protective equipment.

    Industrial Lashing:

    • You can undertake all types of securing and lashing jobs
    • Well-trained, skilled riggers for lashing
    • Over-dimension and overweight cargo lashing


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