To get your belongings through customs is not a simple process, you have to take steps to make sure it goes smoothly as possible. Taking shortcuts and moving overseas causes stacks of extra paperwork, additional costs and misplaced items.

Every country of the world needs you to complete a detailed inventory of every belonging you bring in. This borders officials to calculate customs duty and keeps eye on anything untoward.

The vast majority of containers are x-ray scanned or physically inspected in the world. So don’t try to sneak anything through. Don’t do it accidentally too, ensure to know exactly what is and isn’t allowed in the country you move to. Few countries have restrictions to things like chewing gum (Singapore), ballpoint pens (Nigeria) and Kinder Eggs (the United States).

Appropriate packing is another must. In physical inspections, if the goods are a nightmare to look through, the procedure takes longer with charged additional fees.

We have friendly suppliers and a helpful bunch to help you through the entirety of the customs process.

To get in touch with Fusion Relocations please call or email us. You may also reach us on 800-FUSION (387466)

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