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Relocating pets is an important service, and thousands of ‘pet parents’ all over the world need shipping for their dogs, cats, and other animals for different reasons, including a home relocation, a new job, family vacation, attending school, new ownership over the internet from rescue shelters or adoption agencies, and Planning a pet move can be an overwhelming and time consuming task.

Fusion Relocation specializes in animal transportation by air, and we set the standard in quality pet relocation. We minimize discomfort and stress for both you and your pet. Your peace of mind matters to us.

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    Pet Relocation Highlights

    Pet Relocation Services

    Relocating your beloved pet doesn’t need to be confusing or overwhelming. At Fusion Relocations, we handle everything, ensuring that your pet arrives both healthy and happy. With hundreds of pet relocations under our belt, we know exactly what’s needed and can easily handle every step of the process.

    • Booking and boarding
    • Picking up and dropping off
    • Securing veterinary services
    • Obtaining health certificates
    • Securing import permits
    • Handling all aspects of relocations
    • Dealing with all issues related to customs clearance
    • Interacting with foreign agents
    • Supplying IATA approved crates
    • Providing expert advice at every step of the journey
    • Obtaining Dubai Municipality tags registration for new arrivals


    Let us help you with Pet Relocation & Travel successfully

    Many times, your career causes you to shift your home and family to another location or even another country. Of course, you do not want to leave a member of your family behind. Let us do the work, and wade through the lengthy, sometimes confusing and frustrating process for you!


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