France, a country situated in Western Europe, with Paris as capital, mostly well-known for its culture, tradition and travel. Travelling to France is quite an easy process if you keep an eye on some simple and essential info.

Are you planning to move to France for work?

Here is some information for you. Initially,

  • Contact the French Committee.
  • Request the visa type.
  • Submission of visa application.
  • Look forward to the visa

Contact the French Committee

You need to contact your French committee first. Many of the countries hold French Embassies on their own and also larger countries like the United States have their embassies in each state. For instance, people from the states of Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee have their French Embassy in Atlanta and Georgia.

Request the visa type

Moreover, request for a visa if you are not a resident of European Union. Normally, a French tourist visa permits people to visit France nearly a year. After a year the tourist visa in France terminates and you need to apply for another one with a one-year permit. You are allowed to renew this visa every year. After the completion of one year, French income tariffs should be paid and get a driving license if you wish for.

Residents in European Union don’t need a visa for living in France. They have the authority to work in any state inside European Union.

Submission of visa application

The visa applied by you should be submitted to the French Committee that is nearest to you by means of mail or in person. You have to arrange for an appointment with the French Embassy to submit your application in person. You are requested to include,

  • Signed and finished application form
  • Passport photo
  • Health assurance proof
  • Application payment
  • Original passport
  • Financial support proof

Take your own copy of all the submitted paperwork for your future reference.

Look forward to the visa

After the submission of all paperwork, the embassy will inform you once the visa is all set. Either you need to take up in person or the visa is sent to you through courier if you provide a prepaid shipping envelope.

Check out the necessary arrangements before moving to France

If you are about to move to France, the primary thing to keep in mind is the language. Either learn it on your own or hiring a French teacher will help you as well. Online courses like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo are the best helping hands. If you are moving to a city like Paris, you find people who speak English frequently. On the other hand, if you are going to reside in the countryside, you should know French.

Find a right place for you

Where to live in France is completely subject to your job. If you love to live in major cities like Paris, Lyon or Toulouse, possibly find a job there. If you are a lover of the countryside, look for a job in rural areas that comprises very small inhabitants.

The choice of places to live in France is immense. Choose the right place for your living in accordance with the finance of your job. Either you have the option to choose from a furnished or unfurnished apartment. Select the unfurnished one if you have already shipped stuff from your native.

The internet sites like PAP, SeLoger or Lodgis will help you find your housings. A few things you need to remember if you rent a traditional flat in France. If you don’t make a salary three times the rent of your apartment, you actually have to arrange for a sponsor, just in case you are not able to pay the money. Sites like AirBnb helps you to find a place if you are planning to visit France for a short span of time, like only for months. Going through this option is a little bit costly when compared to rent a traditional apartment, but a hassle-free choice.

How to move your belongings to France?

Moving your belongings to France is unfussy if you completely get an overall idea about the shipment procedure of France. Alike, most of the countries France has also have its list of restricted products. Some of them include: dairy foods, narcotics, bullets, guns, meat, plants, drugs, expensive metals, fake objects, psychotropic materials, pets and wild animals. Pets are allowed with you only if they are vaccinated on a regular basis and make sure your pet is microchipped.

Once you set foot in France

Custom clearance is the foremost thing you come across when you first arrive in France. If you have a pre-existing visa, then custom clearance may not take much time, as the papers are previously checked by the authorities in the Embassy.

Application for citizenship

Fill up your OFII form that comes along with your visa to apply for citizenship in France. It’s mandatory to have a permanent resident pass along with a visa. You need to visit the local prefecture for a simple medical analysis to get the permanent resident pass.

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