Australia is home to over 25 million people that have a laid back lifestyle, friendly residents and beautiful beaches. It is the 55th largest country in the world in terms of population. Australia is an adventurer’s paradise-no matter one’s age. It has drop-dead gorgeous national parks to a multitude of cultural attractions.

The guide to moving to Australia

The cost of living

The quality of life is well worth the extra expense. Moon, a reputable travel guide says life outside of major cities like Melbourne and Sydney are relatively affordable. The country is considered expensive for tourists and newcomers. Moon claims the average cost of living per household is $2,200 per week. The estimate includes rent or home loans at an average of $600 a week, financial services and insurance at $200, food and eating out at $400. The average Australian household needs to make $100,000 a year to live.

The housing

According to, the average monthly rent in Sydney for a furnished 900 square foot rental in a normal town is $1,755. Whereas the average monthly rent in Melbourne is $1,309 a month. The average monthly rent in Brisbane is $1,102 for a 900 square foot rental.

The safety

Australia is considered to be a safe country for living.

Weather conditions

Go Study Australia mentions the country experiences four distinct seasons such as the tropical north experiencing a dry and wet season. The Summer takes place from December to March, winter from June to August, fall takes place from March to May and spring from September to November.

The quality of life

It has

  • the stable economy.
  • safe surroundings.
  • strong job market.
  • family-friendly atmosphere.
  • high rated public education system.
  • well-run public health system.

Healthcare system

Low-cost services or free services are provided by Medicare and the public hospital system. Newcomers would find excellent healthcare options in Australia. The Australian government has both private and public healthcare services.

Immigration Needs

Get a visa to enter the country. There are different types of visas available depending on your nationality of origin, intent and age. The popular options are Working Holiday Visa and Student Visa, available to young people and students looking to temporarily move to Australia for a short duration. The work visas are also available who meet certain skill qualifications. Newcomers can seek a family-stream permanent visa, or a work-stream permanent visa to become a permanent resident of Australia.

Cities to consider when moving to Australia


This is a cosmopolitan and interesting place to call home. The major cultural attractions are the world-renowned Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.


It is known as one of the best and happiest cities in the world, residents of Melbourne enjoy a high quality of life.


This is located on the Brisbane River, providing the residents with picture-perfect weather and a plethora of things to see and do. The popular cultural attractions are the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the Queensland Museum and the Story Bridge.


It is a thriving, cosmopolitan city with plenty to see and do. The residents enjoy an abundance of gorgeous parks, urban amenities, sandy beaches and a booming arts and culture scene.


Adelaide is home to small bars, several wineries, and have popular music festivals. The second most affordable city in Australia due to its low rental rates and cost of living.

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