Having a plan of relocating to the Netherlands? Before you make a move to your new country – Netherlands, Prepare yourself familiar with the place, its customs, its regulations and lifestyle. Coming to the import of food, the regulations are very strict. So many delicious lip smacking dishes that have got your mouth have to be left in native country itself. Exception is for candy, Dutch’s let you carry bags and bags of sweets depending upon you with you.

Make sure always that moving households to the Netherlands should not give you any such trouble in terms of happy and hassle free relocating. While doing a physical move of your personal baggage, most of the things can be done duty free. As health regulations, must follow routine vaccinations. Immigration rules don’t have health checks while making an entry.

If you’re a pet owner, follow an additional step in relocating your pet inside the Netherlands. It varies into two – EU nationals and Third party country nationals. For the people from the EU, it takes only one or two weeks to get the process completed. For nationals of third party countries, begin your process a few months back.

Custom Regulations and Allowances

Netherland won’t tax on your personal luggage or travel accessories, own or your kid’s medications with prescription. Remember sleep inducing or high dose painkillers are narcotics listed in the EU.

Duty free Allowance of Third party Country Nationals

  • Spirits like Whiskey, vodka – 1 Liter
  • Sparkling Wine – 2 liters
  • Fortified Wine of Sherry or port – 2 liters
  • Wine – 4 liters
  • Beer – 16 liters
  • Cigarettes – 200
  • Cigarillos -100
  • Cigars – 50
  • Smoking tobacco – 250 grams

Duty free allowance on EU Nationals

  • Beer –110 liters
  • Sparkling Wine – 60 liters
  • Fortified Wine of Sherry or port – 20 liters
  • Spirits like whiskey, vodka, jenever – 10 liters
  • Cigarettes – 800
  • Cigarillos – 400
  • Cigars – 200
  • Tobacco – 1 kilogram

Restricted Items in Netherlands

Importation of below list is completely prohibited,

  • Money in high sum i.e., over 10,990 USD
  • Antiques and artifacts
  • Food products and Animal stuffs
  • Motorcycles and cars
  • Animal and plant species that are protected and their products
  • Weapons
  • Narcotics

No special clarification needed to import fish and its products of 20kg. Some kinds of greens like flowers, fruits, and plants are allowed up to 5kg. These have to be taken with travelers and have to be sanitized.

Variation of price range of shipping changes on the cargo size and the distance of the native country you are living in.

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