People experience different moving situations. Few universal tips save you from stress when moving to Paris.

Getting Rid of Many Stuff

Get rid of unwanted clothes, duplicate items, knick-knacks, books you never read, anything old and outdated.

Avoid Bringing your Furniture

It isn’t worth bringing your furniture, unless expensive, your company is covering the cost or a family heirloom. Shipping furniture would be expensive, takes a long time to arrive and may not work in your new apartment. The money you pay to ship your couch, you could just buy a new one.

The Neighborhood

Find a neighbourhood that is best for you, depending on the type of experience you are looking for. Ensure you know the area a little before signing a lease.

Have your Foreign Banking

You need to set up a French bank account. Do not close your foreign accounts.

Choose the Phone Plan

Go for the phone plans that make your life easier. When you call your home country a lot, frequently travel home or around Europe, ensure your phone carrier is flexible.

Start your Job Hunting

Look out for jobs before you even arrive. It takes six months or longer to land a job in Paris.

French, French & More French

The basic French skills improve your living in Paris. Your life would become easier and richer when you can communicate with people. Have a concerted effort to study as much as possible before you come. Getting through the beginner levels before you arrive would make a difference.

The Paperwork

The French bureaucracy is obsessed with their paperwork. A lot of documents are needed to get your visa, the apartment, a cell phone and a bank account.

Get the Navigo Card

The Navigo card is an unlimited public transit card that works on all metros, buses and commuter trains (RER) in Paris. Apply online by uploading a photo and wait a few weeks to arrive. When you have a French bank account, you can get the annual pass that automatically recharges the card every month.

Give Yourself Time

It may take a year or more to truly feel at home in Paris, to make friends, to feel comfortable with the language, to get familiar with transportation and find your favourite places.

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