The consumer goods have 20% of Canadian imports, with electronics, motor vehicles, chemical products and machinery that are high ranking. United States has the dominant origin of imported goods into Canada and China the distant second. The source of information helps you to ship ocean or air freight to Canada with easiness and success.

The Options for Shipping Freight to Canada

Ship the commercial goods to Canada through air freight or ocean carrier companies. This would have plus-points and drawbacks.

The Ocean Freight to Canada

No need to hire a whole container to ship your freight to Canada. Less than Container Load would let your goods occupy space in a shared container. This is an economical way to ship smaller consignments.

In Full Container Load, the international shipping needs you to rent a whole container for transportation of your cargo. This gives business the chance to seal the container at the source until it reaches the recipient in Canada. The Full Container Load shipping would be cheaper and quicker than Less Than Container Load.

The Air Freight to Canada

It can be a direct cargo-only flight or indirect passenger services, the air freight would be the quickest way to ship your goods. This can be the most expensive option too.

The Cost of Shipping Cargo to Canada

The freight forwarder would provide you with quotes for air and ocean shipping to Canada based on certain criteria:

  • Nature of goods to ship
  • Mode of transport like ocean shipping or air freight through LCL or FCL
  • Size of your cargo and it’s weight
  • Distance of the freight to be moved
  • Choice of door-to-port, port-to-port, port-to-door or door-to-door delivery
  • The weight of your consignment affects the price of shipping.

It affects the choice of air or ocean freight. The sea-freight is an excellent option when your goods are above 100 kg. When it’s below 100 kg, there’s little difference between the cost of air or ocean shipping, you can prefer to use air freight as the faster option. The consignments that weight under 35 kg won’t be handled by a freight forwarder, so look for international couriers to transport the goods.

The Duration to Ship Cargo to Canada

The distance to Canada from seaport or airport of origin affects the shipping times. The air shipment from an international airport anywhere in the world would take two to eight days to reach the destination in Canada.

Ocean Shipping is a slower process as the cargo vessels transport the containers to Canada to move at an average speed of 35 km per hour. The shipments would take 53 days to reach the consignees in Canada. The choice of LCL or FCL has a bearing on transit time.

Duration to Ship Cargo by Sea to Canada

The ocean shipping durations for Canada-bound consignments from various locations are:

United Arab Emirates :::: Dubai :::: Toronto :::: 50 days :::: 39 days

United Arab Emirates :::: Dubai :::: Montreal :::: 43 days

United Arab Emirates :::: Abu Dhabi :::: Toronto :::: 53 days

United Arab Emirates :::: Abu Dhabi :::: Montreal :::: 56 days :::: 38 days

Duration to Ship Cargo by Air to Canada

The air shipment to Canada from a major international airport anywhere in the world would take two and eight days.

United Arab Emirates :::: Dubai :::: Toronto :::: 4 days

United Arab Emirates :::: Dubai :::: Calgary :::: 4 days

The Less Than Container Load (LCL) Shipping to Canada

This type of shipping is best for your Canada-bound freight when it’s:

  • A small shipment.
  • Not urgency by your consignee in Canada.
  • Able to be shipped with other goods from other businesses in a shared container.
  • Big for the air shipping, or not suitable for an aircraft.

You have to be aware that LCL is a cost-effective way to ship to Canada, but it also has a downside. Goods you share in the container space with others needs to be consolidated in the port of origin. They also have to be deconsolidated at the port of arrival in Canada. These are essential logistics steps resulting in longer transit times than other forms of shipping.

Avoid LCL shipping to Canada if:

  • The freight is fragile, high-value, or perishable.
  • Goods get damaged through frequent moving.
  • You don’t accept shipping delays.
  • Goods are extremely heavy or larger.

The Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping to Canada

This can be the best shipping option for your consignment if:

  • When needed in Canada by a specified date.
  • Occupies at least half the capacity of a standard 20ft container—14CBM and so on.
  • Heavy freight or delicate.
  • You like your container to be sealed at the point of origin and kept sealed until received by the consignee.
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