One most popular city to relocate, the most desirable country to start fresh, great education, highly professional citizens, stable banking system, vast culture and entertainment, fairest healthcare system. This country also nurtures security, freedom, multiculturalism. What more to ask for?? Right from education – culture – economy – healthcare to each & everything, this country attracts you. Canada, one such beautiful destination – dream of many people, including you and I.

You are at the proper place you are in a relocation plan to Canada. This article makes sure to give you an idea of the complete relocation map you need to know before preparing your plan for Canada. More specifically this article tells you about moving household things and pets to your destination Canada.

All the steps you have to move are covered up in this relocation map. From packing to shipping of pets, doing vaccination and moving household things, there are a lot of processes to complete.

There are long term storage options and short term ones to get your pets inside Canada. There are restrictions on what to bring and what to not.

Shifting your house hold things

While proceeding further your plan on moving household goods and other possessions retain your thought on the things you need to finance. When importing your vehicle like a car, it should meet Canada’s standard of safety and pollution controls. The country has restricted a set of things which is prohibited to take inside the country. Be aware of the list that includes endangered plants and animals, firearms and so on.

Also know about several ways of shipping modes to shift your belongings and other things.

Rules on financing Duty

If your things are brand new, you have to pay duty. If it is not, you are free of duty pay.

Duty Free: Things such as Linens, Clothes, Jewelry, Furniture, Books, Antiques, Musicals, Silvers, Hobby things, stamp collections, coin collections, Kitchen appliance, less than 45 USD gifts.

Pay Duty: Construction things, manufacturing equipments, Vehicles, any kind of rental goods, farm machinery

Duty for gifts: Carrying any type of jewel or precious products, your custom officer surely will look a glance on those. Don’t make them complicated, keep your receipt with you, and make the process easy & simple.

Duty for alcohols: Provincial and territory liquor control departments of Canada have set limits for carrying alcohols and such beverages if you pay extra duty. There are duty free limits too.

Wine – 1.5 liters, other alcohols – 1.14 liters, Beer – 8.5 liters.

Don’t forget the legal age for drinking set by the province. Some places the required drinking age is 18 and in others the age limit is set as 19.

Duty free for tobacco: Set limit age for duty free tobacco bringing is 18. You can take up to 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 grams of tobacco, 200 tobacco sticks.

Duty for vehicles: Personal usage cars can be brought inside the duty free system. It has to meet Canada’s safety and pollution control standards. People with temporary visit, work permit, student visa are permitted to import their vehicle without being met the pollution control standards under MVSA – Moto Vehicle Safety Standard. Any change in this category will be directed for exportation of the vehicle back or it will be completely destroyed.

Firearms rule: Weapons are prohibited largely. Still few arms which own possession and acquisition license can be transported by unloading and meeting the required transportation steps set by Firearm handling regulations.

  • Handguns with 105mm barrel length
  • Except ones used in International shooting Union competition Handguns which discharge .32 / .25 caliber ammunition
  • Rifles and shotguns that have the barrel length lower than 457 mm or a full length of 660 mm.
  • Converted automation
  • Full automated

Prohibitions on consumer products

Canada doesn’t encourage taking child pornography, hate propaganda or any such material entering into. Illegal goods are completely listed by the government of Canada. While moving to this country, plan whether your stay duration is long or short term and decide to opt either long term storage or short term storage.

If you wish to keep your goods only for a short while, take short term. On the other hand, keeping things for a longer period, needs to choose a long term storage option. Measure the size of goods and finalize the storage space size you are gonna rent.

Prepare a fair list on all the products you are planning to ship to Canada. It is useful not only for submitting customs, but also for you to check the goods without missing.

As always, two options to move your baggage to Canada are sea freight and ocean freight. Sea ways are much cheaper and take a longer duration for arrival. It is the much selected option for transferring bulk things like cars and other furniture. If not in a big hurry, do sea freight in relaxing. Any extra baggage you own can be taken with you.

Like the rest of the places, doing air freight is more costly than seaways. But if you lack enough time, this air way surely helps you on relocation within a very few number of days.

Do not forget that the things that come by sea also need to be declared by you at customs when you arrive inside Canada.

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