The UK has been a popular destination among expats around the world. The UK has pristine landscapes from historic cobblestoned cities to the narrow alleyways, grassy countryside and ancient roman walls.

The cost of living in the UK is comparable with Germany and Italy. Organizing an international relocation is not something you can do on your own. Fusion Relocations understands your needs and offers essential services to help you relocate.

Some of the top UK locations to consider

The vibrant and multicultural hotspot of London has been considered as the leader for decades. It is considered as an epicentre to fashion, quality education, finance, entertainment and technology. It is the base for various leading digital start-ups, established tech giants, recognized global conglomerates and award-winning companies.

Brighton and Hove

Bustling seaside resort offers plenty of opportunities for expats who are interested in business, hospitality, trading and industry. Gatwick airport is located closer to Brighton and Hove. The urban haven has got a village-like feel.


The city in the north of Europe is ethnically diverse. Many Londoners are flocking to the region of Manchester. The reasons behind the relocation are affordable housing prices and better employment opportunities.


The beautiful Welsh city is one of the popular cities of the UK. Many people are moving to Cardiff because it is very well connected. Cardiff has their airport while Bristol Airport is just 65 km away. Cardiff is the UK’s most skilled city. The high number of graduates live in Cardiff. Good education is generally provided in Cardiff. This small city is home to Cardiff University with prestigious schools of Media Studies, Architecture and Psychology.


Edinburgh has the essential elements of a major city, a compact walkable and easy-to-manoeuvre space. Edinburgh has incredible cultural attractions. There are plenty of green spaces and parks throughout the city. The average house price is 50% cheaper than London and has efficient public transport.

London has bustling city streets, beautiful nature and quaint villages.

Do you plan on relocating to the UK?

Fusion Relocations can help you to relocate your goods to the UK. Our efficient services makes your move a lot easier.

To get in touch with Fusion Relocations please call or email us. You may also reach us on 800-FUSION (387466)

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