Having plans to relocate to Ireland, but wondering what to and what not to do? Well then navigate through this page to know more about relocating to Ireland. We assist you from shipping your goods to reminding pet owners of licensing their pets.

And while relocating the majority of the concern arises about

Moving and Shipping household Goods

While you plan to relocate, the first thing that occurs is shipping of household goods and how to do it, what to take with you?, and what not?

How to ship your belongings?

While relocating you can ship your belongings through boat or plane. It is not possible to drive your goods to Ireland, unless you are relocating from North Ireland. It is ideal to ship through boat, as the housing market is competitive you may need time to find a place. If you wish for a quicker arrival of goods, opt to ship through plane.

What to take with you

Ireland is a highly developed country and you get all the goods there. You can also consider taking Bed sheets (if shipping your bed from your home country), Clothes (In European sizes you cannot find sizes above XL), DVD Players (The discs mostly play only on UK DVD’s as Ireland is regional).

Custom Regulations

The regulations you face will depend on whether you are relocating from outside or inside of EU. You can take with you

  • 400 cigarillos
  • 800 cigarettes
  • 200 cigars
  • 10 liters of liquor
  • 20 liters of drinks consisting of 22% alcohol or less
  • 90 liters of wine
  • 1 kg smoking tobacco
  • 110 liters of beer

You can bring meat as long as it was produced in the EU. All these are when you are moving from inside EU.

If you are moving from a non-EU/EEA country, you are allowed for the following

  • 100 cigarillos
  • 200 cigarettes
  • 50 cigars
  • 1 liter of liquor
  • 2 liters of drinks consisting 22% alcohol or less
  • 4 liters of wine
  • 16 liters of beer
  • 250 g of smoking tobacco

You cannot combine custom allowances even if traveling with another person.

Restricted Items

  • firearms
  • explosives and fireworks
  • ammunition
  • indecent or obscene material (books, periodicals, prints and video recordings)
  • birds, poultry, or eggs
  • plants or bulbs
  • meat and meat products
  • milk and milk products
  • hay or straw
  • endangered species
  • oral smokeless tobacco products

You may be asked to pay 2.5% tax of the declared value of goods. Always keep with you an itemized list of things, this helps in declaring your goods from the customs.

Goods Storage

As the Irish housing market is competitive, it is better to find a temporary home and then come out with your ideal residence. Until then we take care of your goods rather than dragging from one place to another.

Worried about your Pet? Well migrate them with you

Migrating to Ireland along with your pets requires certain early preparations. The paper works and vaccines should be done right. It is to be noted that your pet should arrive within five days of your arrival to Ireland.. Failure may result in lengthy quarantine, or you pet being sent back.

On the off chance that your pet is coming from an EU country, they may enter Ireland through any air terminal or ship terminal. They should have an EU identification, which confirms that they were immunized against rabies. They should likewise be microchipped with a chip that can be perused by a standard ISO 11785 per user.

Pets from Finland, Malta, and the UK should likewise have been treated for tapeworm (Echinoccoccus) no short of what one day and close to five days before their appearance.

You can’t bring in excess of five pets for every individual.

On the off chance that you are bringing a bird, rat, or bunny with you to Ireland, you should round out and present a type of Advance Notice in any event 24 hours before the pet’s appearance in the country. The pet should travel with its owner or the owner’s agent.

Bringing pet from non-EU countries

This depends on the origin country which is marked low or high risk for rabies. Both must satisfy the following requirements

  • The pet can only enter the country through the Dublin Airport;
  • It must be transported via an approved airline or pet cargo carrier;
  • It must have a microchip, which can be read by a standard ISO 11785 reader;
  • Evidence that the animal is being transported for non-commercial purposes.
  • On the off chance that you are bringing other animals as pets with you to Ireland, you should round out
  • present a type of Advance Notice in any event one week before the pet’s appearance in the country.
  • Dogs have to be licensed within 30 days of their stay, and needs to be renewed every 12 months

Fusion Relocations can help you to relocate your house hold goods, car, and also pets to Ireland. Our efficient services makes your move a lot easier.

To get in touch with Fusion Relocations please call or email us. You may also reach us on 800-FUSION (387466)

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