Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience and choosing a moving service can be a bigger hurdle. Apart from ensuring that everything goes smoothly and your belongings are safe, there is the added stress of finding someone who can do this professionally and within your budget. Here’s where you need to make an informed decision about quality vs. price. 

In Dubai as in every major metropolis, you can find both professional movers as well as ‘local agents’. The latter, in particular, tend to offer assurances that seem unbelievably great: rock-bottom prices, great quality of work, fast delivery time, etc. The question is, can you trust this or is it all false claims?

Let’s take a deep dive into whether such cheaper moving options are really a good choice. 

Professional vs Cheap Moving Service

Professional moving companies offer a host of advantages, including trained professional staff, high-quality equipment, insurance and protection, trustworthy services, trackable shipments, handyman and ‘white glove’ services (where the movers go beyond just basic services and offer personalised care for your items), and so on. 

There is also a plethora of smaller players who have a license to provide similar services and appear trustworthy. However, if their USP is to offer customers much cheaper options, you need to understand that they have to cut costs somewhere. Unfortunately, this means that there will be some level of compromise on basic accepted standards, whether that entails hygiene, safety and security, or destination service support. And this is what can end up hurting you.

So below are a few reasons why you should not go for the cheapest option when it comes to local moves.

Lack of trust and professionalism

  • Movers who specialise in offering cheap packages often tend to hire untrained workers which can result in an unprofessional handling of the move.
  • Many such companies have a negative reputation and are therefore not reliable when it comes to the proper handling of your belongings.
  • There have also been situations where property damage or even outright thefts have occurred when using low-quality moving companies.
  • Several such companies also deliberately quote below the market price to get customers, but for the same reasons mentioned above, they would not be able to provide services that match the required standards or quality.

Cheap Materials, Compromised Quality    

  • Unprofessional movers’ operations do not match international standards followed by professional relocation companies.
  • They often lack experience and have little knowledge of the best practices and quality requirements in the industry.
  • Because they work for very low budgets, they do not invest in quality materials, training their crew, or advanced equipment for safe handling of household items.

Hidden costs and amateur practices

  • Many times, cheaper moving companies tend to not provide a full and proper accounting upfront, which can result in the customer paying more because of hidden charges.
  • They also do not have or enforce proper terms and conditions, because of which you are left frustrated that a service you expected suddenly isn’t part of the deal.
  • Such companies also often lack expertise in the industry and may not have appropriate insurance coverage, which again can drive up your costs.

Improper safety measures and other dangers

  • Unprofessional movers do not prioritise safety for their crew or clients’ items because of their low rates.
  • The use of low-quality vehicles, materials and improper tools and equipment can lead to damage or loss of items during transportation.
  • Their use of inexperienced or untrained crew, increasing the risk of accidents or injuries to both their crew and your belongings. 

Disguised value propositions

  • Some cheaper moving companies may offer the cheapest quotes, but they do not emphasise risk assessment or provide clear communication about the services they offer. 
  • Customers get attracted by the low prices, but later find themselves with unexpected charges or issues with the quality of service or the need to find additional vendors for services that are not supported.

Greater risk at customs

  • Unprofessional movers may use questionable crew or agents at the destination if you’re using them for international moves.
  • This can lead to unexpected charges upon arrival as well as poor communication and lack of trackability. 
  • Customers may also face unexpected fees, such as customs clearance, storage, or port fees – in the worst cases, your items may be held by customs because charges haven’t been paid.

Conclusion: How to ensure you’re hiring a reputable moving service

In summary, while cheap moving services might seem like a good deal initially, they come with significant risks that can cost you more in the long run. This is not to say you should never use them: they may be ideal if you’re considering a very short move in the same locality, or require something (not of great value) to be transported quickly. However, if you’re moving a large house, across a long distance, or are considering transporting valuable items and artworks, it is always better to go with a more professional, internationally accredited company. 

Hiring a professional moving service with accreditations, experience, and expertise in the industry is a safer and more reliable option, even if it costs more – because, after all, your belongings are important and valuable, and they deserve the best attention and care. 

When choosing a moving company, make sure to check their professional license and qualifications, as well as their online reviews. This guarantees you peace of mind backed by quality, transparency, and safety for your items and for yourself.