Going to a new country with your family is an exciting process. But the same thing can become quite stressful when you consider moving your entire home across borders. If you don’t have a proper plan – and yes, the proper assistance for certain aspects – it can quickly become quite overwhelming. But don’t worry – as long as you hire the right international movers and packers, the relocation process will become easier than you think! But how do you know what services you’ll require? How to judge and choose the best moving company to meet your specific requirements? How can you ensure your move is handled safely and professionally? We’re going to break all that down for you right here, dividing your move into 3 parts:

  • before,
  • during and,
  • after.

Before your international relocation

Here are the essential services you need prior to starting the international relocations process.


Pre-move consultation with survey and quote

First, the company you hire should give you a free consultation to understand your requirements and clarify all your questions and doubts. They should also ideally conduct a thorough survey to understand every specification, and then give you a quote.


Customized moving plan

After the consultation and survey, you need to receive a bespoke relocation plan created by your moving company just for your move. This should list everything relevant to your relocation process, including packing, shipping, delivery, and any additional services required.


Packaging and preparation

Ensuring that your possessions are all properly packed and crated to guarantee their safety during transport is the next step. Make sure the company you hire uses the best quality of packaging and crating materials, and that they have trained experts who specialise in packing items for international shipment. It would also be good if they offer handyman services in case you need them.


Insurance for your goods

Next, you need to get insurance, because your belongings will be transported hundreds or even thousands of kilometres. Therefore, your chosen relocations company should offer insurance coverage for your belongings during the relocation, covering loss, damage, and theft.


Special services for pets, vehicles and art

If you have any pets, vehicles or precious cargo (artwork, etc.) to be moved, you need to ensure your chosen international moving company offers that support too.


During your international relocation

Below are the services you need during the actual relocation process.


Transportation and tracking

Transporting your belongings to your new destination is the main part of the relocation process. So, ensure the company you hire has good experience in international transportation and shipping. They should be able to offer multiple transportation options (air, sea, land) and have access to a reliable network of global carriers and agents. They should also offer seamless and easy tracking of your shipment.


Customs support

Customs clearance crucial when relocating internationally. So, make sure your movers and packers meet all international customs regulations and requirements. This covers preparing and submitting documentation, communication with customs officials, and advising you about any duties, taxes, or fees to be paid.


Language support

At times you will need the help of people who know the local language at ports and customs, as well as in your new country. Check if your relocation company has a branch or partners at the destination to offer this support.


After your international relocation

Once your goods have landed safely and cleared customs at your destination, you will still need a bit of support.


Delivery and storage for international relocations

Once your shipment arrives at the destination, your moving company (or their local partners) should provide delivery options that suit your schedule and requirements. They should also help with storage if your items need to be kept somewhere until you are ready. This includes short- or long-term storage, or even climate-controlled storage for precious cargo.


Unpacking and debris clearance

Once you are ready to move into your new home, your relocations company should offer professional unpacking services. This includes transporting everything to your new home, unpacking all your goods, and removing all packing materials and debris after unpacking.


Handyman services

Once again, should you need anything reassembled or put up in your new place, your relocation company or its partners should offer this support. This includes everything from connecting up electronic equipment to fixing curtain rods or assembling furniture that was taken apart for the journey.


Destination services

Some relocation companies also offer additional services at the destination, ranging from help with visas and immigration, to even helping you find a new home and perhaps even a suitable school for your children, should you require that support. It would be good to enquire if your moving company provides this level of assistance, as it can be very helpful for you.

With these key services taken care of, you can rest assured that your move will be a success.


Beyond this, if you have any questions related to international relocations, please drop us a line and our experts will be with you to answer all your queries.