Planning an international move? Then you need to know and understand how the entire process works – missing even a single detail can cause various problems down the line. This covers everything from choosing the best international relocation company in Dubai to understanding documentation, insurance, and, of course, protective packing, transportation, safe handling of fragile cargo and timely delivery, as well as proper collection and unpacking on the day of delivery.

Here are the 8 basic steps that are involved every time you’re moving house or relocating an office internationally – or even if you’re just shipping over some personal artifacts or valuables. 

1. Shortlist the Best International Relocations Company 

Do your research to locate the best international relocation service providers around you. Check if the moving company is a part of any internationally recognized and accredited body or association, such as IAM, FIDI, PAIMA, BAR (UK), etc. Being accepted as a member of any of these organizations means that the company is considered globally trustworthy and credible, and its work is of a high standard. 

2. Review your Move Quote and Move Plan

Check the contract given to you by the movers and analyze what it does and doesn’t include, along with insurance and any other additional charges you may or may not incur. Then, book your move by paying the advance or making a deposit (which is almost always required) to the moving company. 

3. Preparing your International Move’s Documentation

Every time you move something internationally, you need a set of essential documents including personal documents like copies of your passport or visa, and other documents like customs papers. If you have availed of an insurance policy, you’ll need to complete a detailed valued inventory list that shows the value of the items covered under the policy. Your moving company should inform you about the specific documentation required and when it should be completed. Ensure everything is accurate so your move is not delayed and you don’t incur unnecessary charges.

4. The Packing Process

This is perhaps the most laborious and time-consuming aspect of the international relocation process. Ensure you get a detailed plan with a full task list that covers every step from packing to final delivery. You should receive regular progress updates as tasks are checked off. 

Know the contact details of your packing team leader and confirm various details, such as arrival times, packing duration, whether you need to arrange to park or block an elevator, etc. Also ensure to inform your landlord and get his or her permission, as required.

After the entire packing process has been completed, ensure you get a comprehensive inventory list detailing everything that has been packed. You will need this until your goods have arrived and been unpacked in your new home or office location. Tracking this carefully will ensure every item that has been packed is delivered.  

5. Tracking Your Goods 

Check for regular updates on the progress of your shipment. Some companies also have automatic tracking systems online that you can check for updates. 

6. Customs Clearance 

The customs clearance process is elaborate, but your chosen international relocation company should ensure it goes smoothly. If the shipment arrives before the communicated date and time, you may need to arrange for storage. Speak with your moving company about this. 

7. Delivery at the Destination 

The moving company at the destination will need your address to deliver your belongings and place them where required. You may need to provide further details of which item goes where in the house or office. 

Sometimes, international relocation companies have their own foreign branch office to handle this, but others may use a partner company. Get all this clarified before you embark on the process, and get all the required contact information. 

8. The Unpacking Process

Once your shipment is received at the destination, the whole process again takes place, but in reverse. Your goods will be picked up from the destination port or airport, and transported to the final location, where they will be unpacked. Again, know who your unpacking team leader is and get their contact information beforehand. 

Unpacking typically takes half as long as packing. Reconfirm with the destination team leader which items need to be reassembled or placed in storage. Once unpacking is completed, check and confirm that all items have been delivered by referring to the movers’ copy and your copy of the packing list.

And there you have it! These are the essential 8 steps in an international move. If you plan all this carefully, your relocation process will go smoothly. 

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