Planning a local move? There are many different steps you need to keep in mind, from choosing the right movers and packers, filling up the necessary paperwork, getting household items insured, packing, transportation, delivery and, finally, unpacking. 

During this complex process, it would be difficult to do all the dismantling, reassembly, cleaning up, etc. by yourself. This is where a handyman service comes into the picture.

What is a handyman service?

A handyman is a competent, professional worker who can accomplish a wide range of tasks. These can range from small repair work to significantly larger, more challenging jobs in your new house. 

The different services a handyman can help you with include:

  • Home maintenance
  • Painting and repainting
  • Assembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Removing wall decorations

Advantages of hiring a handyman service.

Here are all the potential benefits:

  • Having the proper tools

Buying the right hardware and tools for home improvement and maintenance tasks is expensive. If you don’t know better, you can end up buying the wrong tools. This is where a handyman adds value. He comes to your house with all the proper equipment in hand, which is enough to take care of most tasks. 

  • Saving time and money

Even if you can do simple repair tasks, it makes sense to delegate the work to a professional. There will be a possibility of you making mistakes, leading to rework, which again costs you more time and money. Hiring an experienced handyman will ensure that all the repair work, maintenance work and a slew of other services are handled efficiently and professionally.

  • Sound advice 

An experienced handyman can help you identify areas you haven’t thought of that may require any replacement or repairs – now or in the future. Knowing this can be very beneficial for you in the long run. 

  • Safety

Some home repair tasks can be risky if attempted by non-professionals. Even the ones that appear safe enough can be dangerous if done improperly. A handyman will take care of all of these tasks, helping you stay safe. 

So, when exactly do you have to hire a handyman? The good news is that this service can be beneficial both before and after a local move. 

Why you should hire a handyman before your local move?

  • If you have a lot of artwork, pictures, nails, hooks, etc. on the walls, it’s a good idea to remove it before you vacate so your landlord doesn’t charge you for the same work. This is where a handyman service can be useful.
  • If you intend to repaint the walls, be it simple touch-ups or complete wall repainting, a handyman will do a professional job for you.
  • Some houses have other maintenance-related issues, which are things a handyman can help with as well. 

Benefits of hiring a handyman after your local move.

  • Reassembling all the furniture in your new house is probably the main reason why people hire a handyman service after their local move.
  • Installing simple light fixtures, putting all the wall decor items and artwork back up, and hanging curtains and window treatments are all services a handyman can help with. 
  • While you may need to hire a professional electrician to get complicated electrical work done, simple installations can be taken care of by a handyman.
  • If there are any gaps between windows and doors, a handyman will caulk these gaps. And if your gutters need cleaning, a handyman will help you get the job done in an effective way. 

Things to keep in mind before hiring a handyman.

Many movers and packers have their own handyman service and can supply you with everything you require. If you are looking to hire one outside, ensure they have a proper license and all the right documentation. It helps if they come with good reviews and references too. 

Once you find the right handyman service, it can save you time and take the pressure off by taking care of repairs and fixes in your old or new home. This will allow you to focus on other important tasks.

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