Australia’s north eastern situated part with second biggest and third largely populated state is Queensland. From beautifully bordering the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean to owning tropical rainforests, coral reefs, rivers, beaches and deserts, Queensland becomes the very perfect place to move. In addition, it is a place meant for those who especially love diving and to be very active. Australia’s Queensland has its own world’s greatest natural wonder – the Great Barrier Reef. As it is positioned in the northeastern part of the country, it is offering high temperatures along the coast.

Expect these things while moving Queensland

Mellow waters and bountiful wild life attracts nature lovers as they choose Queensland as their most preferable place to settle. Being Australia’s second biggest and third populated state, it always offers plenty of jobs and impressive business opportunities. If you think of moving to Queensland, with or without family. Do not postpone and make a move. Because you will get into a stable economical line, affordable accommodation and world class education structure. It has six international airport terminals, a newfangled health care system, modernized infrastructure and everything developed. This state is also a home to five out of eleven Australia’s world heritage areas.

Climatic conditions of Queensland

Ranging from humid to hot temperature Queensland does possess varied climatic conditions. Northern parts temperature can touch extreme high and in wet season it could be good humid with dry and warm winter conditions. Its temperature reaches 31 degrees and holds 75% humidity. The place which does experience the hottest temperature in the whole state reaches beyond 40 degrees is located in the central west called Hotter still. Most of the people living on the southern coast experience one of the best weather in the whole of Australia. People who move to Queensland’s southeastern part are likely to experience those of north east people but are comparatively cooler. During summer temperature stays between 21 degrees to 29 degrees and while winter side up, temperature ranges from 11 degrees to 21 degrees. Winter hitting climates include The Gold coast, Brisbane and Noosa.

Queensland’s cost of living

Compared to other parts of Australia, the state of Queensland offers a very standard cost of living. Other states of the country may cost 33% more. As you move further to the North, you will see a hike in prices. Major urban places keep creeping up the cost of living but places like Melbourne, Sydney, and Darwin stay low. It makes it a strong option when buying or renting a house in Brisbane sounds cheaper than Australia’s first few biggest cities. The residents of Queensland also pay lesser tax when compared to the residents of NSW and Victoria. One most expensive part is public transportation in Australia. Anyways it runs on a regular basis.

Work in Queensland

One will find a bunch of blessed opportunities when moving to Queensland to work. With a very stable economic system and a highly developed infrastructure, working nature in Queensland is pleasant and demanding. Its main and growing industries are tourism, mining, agriculture. For its high work incentives and less business tax, skilled employees are attracted much towards the state.

List of Queensland’s top places to live with

  • Buddhina
  • Bundall
  • Molendinar
  • Proserpine
  • North Ward
  • Labrador
  • Broadbeach Waters
  • Meridan Plains

List of things to do

Specific for the people who love to move Queensland, your to do list is here,

  1. Explore the world greatest wonder – The Great Barrier Reef
  2. Make a visit to the famous Australian Zoo
  3. Go to Rainforest reserves, Atherton Tableland waterfalls
  4. Trek the mountain village
  5. Do wander the streets of Brisbane
  6. Feel the river cruise
  7. Brisbane’s Botanical Garden Mt Coot tha
  8. Indulge in Townsville and enjoy Magnetic Island
  9. Relish Gold coast surfer paradise

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