Do you intend to relocate and want to take your precious vehicle along with you? There are many options available for the same. You can either ship your vehicle along with all your household goods or ship it separately on a dedicated vehicle transporter vessel.

Even if you have a classic car of yesteryears which doesn’t even start, you can still ship them abroad, provided the shipping options are less in the case.

You can avail either of the two car shipping services: door to door transport and terminal to terminal auto shipping.

Door to door transport is pretty expensive of the two, but saves the hassle. Terminal to terminal is comparatively cheap, but you will have to arrange your vehicle’s transportation between addresses and container ports on both ends.

Land transportation

If you do not intend to load your vehicle along with your household items, there are many types of transporters used for the land-based section of the car’s journey

  • Open or enclosed
  • Non-stacking trailers or three-car haulers
  • Multicar trailer trucks or pick-ups
  • Multi-level car carriers

The kind of transporter depends on the particular dimensions and needs of the car like ground clearance. In case you opt for an inclusive door to door option, your shipping agent can enlighten you with the options available.

While shipping an expensive car, it is better to opt for an enclosed single-level trailer to prevent oil leaks from vehicles on upper decks. Enclosed trucks also protect cars from elements. While selecting the transporter, it is better to go for soft tie-downs to avoid bodywork scratches.

SUV and larger vehicles attract oversized charges; the same is the case if you have additional accessories. It is better to remove and store them before transportation to avoid further charges.

Air or Ocean freight

Shipping your vehicle internationally or domestically can be achieved fast while opting for air travel. Even though it is the most expensive option, it is very exclusive too. The most common choice is Ocean freight. This is by either roll on roll off service or by the container.

Roll on roll off service involves driving or rolling your car into the ship. This process takes several weeks before it reaches the destination. Shipping by the container is the safest method, especially for more valuable and delicate vehicles. This option protects the car from elements, other cars, and changes in climate and humidity.

Shipping by container

While shipping your car in a secure container, it gets loaded at the port or at home along with your other goods. In case you ship it along with your household goods, you will have to build a protective plywood wall within your container. Most shippers take care of this one. The car should be drained of fuel, and the battery and alarm systems need to be disconnected. This is to make it non-dangerous and fit for shipping.

Wheels need to be blocked with wooden blocks or chocks and lashed to hold them securely. Most transporters do this for you. Check with the transporters if they provide a vehicle loading service, as your container might not sit in the ground upon arrival, or else you will have to arrange for a flatbed from your local garage.

Preparing for transportation

Before transportation, wash your car and record all details of its condition. Take note on the existing damages and document all this with the help of pictures. This helps you to claim in case accidents happen.

  • Remove all things from the car, including essential documents from the glove compartment.
  • Do a general maintenance check – Check the battery, tire pressure, and antifreeze levels. Make sure the car doesn’t have more fuel and retract the radio aerial. Cars shipped in containers should be drained of fuel, and the battery needs to be disconnected.
  • Remove your cars GPS, stereos, and other electronic devices if your transporter’s insurance does not cover these.
  • Hand over a set of keys to your mover and make sure they do know about any quirks about your luxury or classic car. Disable the alarm immobilizer if possible. While opting for a roll-on or roll-off service, your vehicle has to be in running condition. This is another reason why classic cars are difficult to ship.

A little planning and the right company for boarding is what you need to bring your luxury/classic car with you while you move.

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