Are you contemplating shipping to India but feeling perplexed by the cargo shipment rates? Do you find yourself in a situation where the cargo rates don’t align with the quote provided by your chosen courier service? This disconnect is often due to a lack of understanding regarding the additional factors that contribute to cargo rates when shipping from Dubai to India.

Shipment Mode

The choice of shipment mode is a key determinant in this equation. For swift deliveries, airfreight is the preferred option, while ocean freight is utilized for slower shipments.

Tariff rates

Also known as negotiated rates, it is a universal term in a cargo shipment. The cargo charges hardly cost around 60-70 AED. Depending on the type of courier service opted, the tariff varies, as most cargo or moving providers in Dubai offer a 20 to 25% discount. In the case of larger quantities, you can strike a good deal with the courier services.

Geographical distance

The distance between UAE and India is why the substantial charges in cargo shipment price. With a distance of 2475 km between the countries, costs for cargos are higher with the following factors.


If your cargo shipment needs to reach the destination within hours or a day or two, it is better to go for air freight. If it is ok if your shipment reaches a little lately, you can avail the sea or road freights. The rates for air freight are higher than other means.


UAE follows stringent rules for cargo shipment services to evade damages. The freight movement, tracking, cargo piracy and all things need to be streamlined for a smooth transit.

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