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New York – The city that never ever sleeps, a city that hold a famous name as Big Apple, an oldest 1962 building, over 275 species of birds spied by birdwatchers, red and green taxis moving, speaks 800+ languages, high diversity, high population density, statue of liberty, five divisions, one exciting city that everyone wish to move. It continuously fascinates kids to young, youths to old and increased its population range to 8.5 million now.

New York is a city which holds five divisions such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. This city has many things to offer for its people. So before applying for a visa, know about your purpose of stay whether immigrant or nonimmigrant and go for the particular visa.

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Amidst Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont to the East; Lake Erie to the West; Lake Ontario situated to the North and Atlantic Ocean, Pennsylvania and New Jersey located to the South, there spotted the most beautiful New York, a state of America. Among the numerous cities of the United States, New York is the most diverse, with a population of 19.4 million estimated in 2020. New York provides way to plenty of nationalists, many languages and multiple cultures. New York City comprises five boroughs

  • Brooklyn
  • Staten Island
  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • The Bronx

The diversity of New York makes this city the most fantastic place to live in with your families. It’s the most engaged place and also the safest place to inhabit. If you step out into the city certainly there will be a huge pack of people everywhere. So that, you have to wait for almost every little thing. Beyond doubt, New York city is the state’s most famous stopping place. This place has got countless attractions and a few of them are,

  • Well known – Statue of Liberty
  • Central Park
  • Times Square
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Empire State Building

Well, New York is an amazing place to kick-off your life. But it also has some positives and negatives. To begin with the positives – this place is full of opportunities that are endless. The energy given by New York city is exceptional and this makes New York city the most energetic place in the world. It’s also one of the safe places to live with your families; in fact it is one among the topmost safest cities in America. In addition to this, Another one thing you love the most is definitely the Food. You can find plenty of cuisines here that surely satisfy your cravings.

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If you are moving to New York just think about the rent of the apartment. It’s a little bit pricey. So the cost of living in New York is on high-end. Crowd in New York is another important thing you have to consider. If you love a calm and relaxing atmosphere, then New York is not your cup of tea. If the crowd is on the higher side, then undoubtedly the traffic is also heavy and loud.

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Apart from these negatives New York is always a better place to live. Always think about the positives over the negatives to reach a high level in your life. Before moving into New York you really need to know a few methods for a Visa application. Initially, you need to contact the US embassy nearby. Secondly, the requirement of confirmed Labour Certification is a must from the Department of Labour in the US. After receiving your form of approval, you need to organize a personal discussion at the US embassy nearby. There are two types of visa application.

  • Immigrant visa application
  • Non-immigrant visa application

Immigrant visa application

Adoption visa, employment visa, family visa, investor visas are counted in immigrant visa application. If you have any relatives already residing in New York, then this visa will be given.

Non-immigrant visa application

Business visa, student visa and tourist visa come under this category. This visa has a limited time period. After the expiration of this visa you need to return to your home country. You have to fill-up the online non-immigrant Visa Application form DS-160 before the personal discussion.

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  • Wooden Crating of Fragile Items
  • Inventory List Preparation
  • Complex assembly using Handyman services
  • Container Loading On Site
  • Delivery of goods to destination residence
  • Unpacking Services
  • Air / Sea / Overland Freight
  • Customs clearance at air & sea ports
  • Luxury car relocation
  • Office Relocation Service
  • Home Relocation Service
  • Pet Relocation
  • Industrial Packaging
  • All Risk Insurance coverage

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