Rare opportunities are exhibited when people tend to relocate. The opportunities come any time without prior notice. They can be sudden family vacation plans, job transfers or need to change a state due to political or social unrest. Pet relocation is the main trouble when shifting to another place.

Most of the public transport modes cover long distances and prevents people from carrying pets. The pets and their owners are made to travel separately. This leads to anxiety to pets like dogs suffer from separation anxiety.

There have been many horror stories where pets are misplaced during overstate or overseas travels. This kind of story makes it difficult to trust the agencies.

You have to do a basic ground check on the relocating agency before signing up the responsibility of transferring one’s pet to another location. You have to look for the verified customer feedback and ratings. Ask the agency to give you references before finalizing the theme.

The features of Pet travel and relocation

  • Ensure that the relocation service providers are verified and licensed by government authorities.
  • The relocation service providers requires clearances to fly livestock.
  • Documents are required for pet relocation like clearances from vets, microchip installation legally done and all documents must be authenticated. It is the pet locators responsibility to finalize the documentation.
  • Pet travel needs prior cargo booking with specific airlines in a systematic manner.
  • If you import pets then a no-objection certificate and the quarantine clearance must be issued from the importing company before the booking of cargos for pets.
  • The International pet relocation and domestic pet relocation needs a different set of clearance.
  • The injured and sick pets have special arrangements made.

If you export or import a pet, you need to get an animal quarantine certificate issued. The animal quarantine has been practised by all major countries as a safety precaution to prevent them against foreign infections. To ensure that no exotic disease is coming with a pet, the government agencies need documentation that mentions the animal is clear of all types of illness and diseases.

When the owner of the pet provides these clearances, the host country allows the pet’s entry. The quarantine process tests a pet for diseases like canine distemper, rabies and virus infections. The no-objection certificate states the clearances as the most important document required to shift a pet overseas or pet transport by air from UAE.

Most of the agencies practice pet relocation through the air, have business relations and connections with major airline companies. The pet relocation agencies make correct bookings, get best deals, and score a cargo spot in a short time. They secure your flight tickets timely.

The shifting or relocation experts know all risks involved in transporting pets and dogs. The experts ensure to take care of pets during the long hauls of travel and the paperwork. They look after the precautions that make your pet do not feel travel anxiety and cross long distances with few hardships.

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