If you are moving from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or any part of the UAE , how much are you prepared for the big day? The countdown ticks while the stress would mount. Today you get to plan to avoid the trouble of logistics and management of your move. You should take care of the essential things like:

  • Email or phone the family friends and associates related to the change of address.
  • Notify your credit card companies, banks and other services that you use frequently about the address change.
  • Collect your medical records before moving for the long distance.
  • You have to deal with the changing subscriptions.
  • Throw away the things that you don’t need to move.
  • Purchase the packing materials.
  • Book a moving company

The pending task has to be done right away when dealing with a new set of tasks as the moving day approaches. The very next thing is to focus on the packing.

Pack small things room by room

Efficient packing involves organizing things in an order. The things which are not used frequently like blankets, extra linens, DVDs, books and other items would go to the boxes first. Follow this method for every room by taking care to mark the appropriate boxes as you seal them.

Create a master list so you don’t miss anything. It helps you with unpacking as you would get to know the exact contents of each box. Once your first part of packing is done, you would focus on other essential things that need to be finished before you move.

Taking Care of Mandatory Things

If you are in a rent house, inform the landlord regarding your moving date and close all the pending transactions related to the rental such as your utilities. When you have the lease agreement with a notice period, notify the landlord before to avoid the extra rent. An email or a written notice is mandatory, to keep as proof.

Safety of Kids and Pets

The biggest challenge faced during a move is managing kids and pets on that specific day. The movers require attention for dozens of issues that leave you with less time to focus on kids and pets. To beat the problem, get a reliable person to take care of them, that way you can coordinate with the moving company much better.

Keep away your pets and children out of the moving action, as the movement of furniture and people would be dangerous that elevates the accidental risks. To avoid stress, you have to confirm the presence of a caretaker for your kids and pets before the moving date.

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Shop the Packaging Essentials

Do you look for purchasing the packing supplies? Calculate the number of boxes and sizes along with your moving supplies and buy them. If you run around for things at the last minute, it would add to your stress. List your items for efficient packing of your belongings and shop them all at once rather going for multiple trips to the store.

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Be available for the entire move, as the movers require your instructions. Ensure that nothing has left behind as the truck leaves with your belongings. You must be present at your new home, when the movers reach to supervise the unloading. That way you can get the furniture exactly placed as you want. Be proactive and take one step by planning today.

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