The most painstaking job that people face is looking for Movers in Dubai along with the documentation hassle. With finding the best movers in Dubai, you will have to consider the following while relocating to Dubai/Abu Dhabi / Al Ain. The following relocation document checklist helps you plan for the international move.

  • Valid visa and passport: You and your family should have a valid passport. Also, you need to apply for a visa and collect all the documents required for visa. Seeking the help of moving companies to guide through the process makes it easy.
  • Utility bills: All your recent utility bills should be with you. You will also have to cancel or settle your utilities like gas, oil, electricity, telephone, water, and internet before relocating with the help of packers and movers.
  • Car title deed: If you wish to ship your car, you must have your car title deed. It is always better to check with international movers in Dubai if you want to ship your vehicle, as each country has different obligations for relocating cars.
  • Loan documents: Before leaving, make sure to settle all your debts and carry the documents along.
    Credit card statements of the last three months
  • Birth certificate
  •  Passport size photographs of you and your family members
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Your new home’s lease or sale agreement: Make sure to get your leasing or sale agreement papers before relocating.
  • Tax receipts: Keep informed about the tax implications of moving to a different country. It is better to contact an accountant.
  • Marriage certificate, if married.
  • School records: In the case of school-going kids, procure their education certificates and also secure a place for students in a new school at the earliest.
  • Family health records: Get all medical and dental health records of your family and yourself.
  • Pet health records: If you have pets, start looking at vaccines, export costs of pets, and pet passports. Discuss your pet’s details with the relocation company in Dubai.
  • Tickets: Keep your travel tickets ready
  • Documents from the moving company: You should have the moving company’s documents like an estimate, bill of lading, contract, and inventory form while making a move.
  • Appointment letter (if applicable):You must procure your appointment letter from the new company you will join.
  • Experience letter (if applicable): Make sure to get your experience letter from your current employer.
  • Emergency contact details: A paper containing the contact details of your dear ones to be contacted in case of an emergency needs to be kept handy. You can also take help from international movers in Dubai, who can guide you with trustable and reliable movers in Dubai.

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